sex][riding shotgun


[ Really, it's not that big of a deal. Faith's not adverse to getting her mack on with some strangers -- lot of hot people in the City. But her initial plan to hide out at the Youth Center really backfired when she ended up in a makeout with one of the juniors.

Now she's on her way to possibly mooch some food from the Summers, only grouchy for lack of sleep. Not like this is the worst curse they've ever had, right?

[ ooc; find her anywhere -- youth center, anywhere in the city or la casa de summers! ]
upset][backed into the corner


Anyone needs me (Youth Center people included), this is the one time I'm gonna say use text.

action at la casa de summers;
[ Faith creeps through the living room area, trying not to track blood and dirt through the entire house. She's got a few broken ribs on her, a good limp and bruises almost head to toe. The bathroom and Buffy's baller first aid kit aren't too far away, if only she can manage to dodge all the strays Buffy seems to keep taking in... ]

[ ooc: faith's hit with average joe day - any communication over the network she'll return with text, and anyone living at the summers' place can feel free to intercept her on her journey to steal first aid! ]
fight][BYO really huge knives


[ Dark broadcast = the Underground. Faith's face = confused and scrunchy-nosed. ]

Hey, somebody...uh. There was something I needed to ask you.

[ The video shakes violently as Faith gets tossed into a wall, and then produces a slab of beef from her bag. ]

Stupid vamp-- there's my steak. You got it coming to you now, bitch...
neutral][sometimes she cares


[ By the background, it's clear Faith has just moved in. The room is small, stark, and there are really only a few boxes that sit on top of the bare mattress behind her. Plus the orange tom cat sleeping on top of them. ]

So, uh. New digs. Guess it's polite and all for me to let you guys know and whatever. So yeah. And thanks again, Morgan. If the cat's not okay, let me know -- I can't really ever seem to shake him, though. Just follows me around.

[ ooc: i should add that anyone hanging around the youth center can feel free to assume faith lurks around more frequently now! ]
angry][looking to get out

video/action/whatever, really

[ Who here knows Stephen Stills? C'mon, show of hands!

Or, like. Maybe show of weapons? The Network is giving a view of him making out with some brunette. Wait-- that's not necking! There's not supposed to be blood during kissing! And that brunette is Faith -- you can clearly see her face when she pulls away, mouth and chin just covered in Stephen's blood. Also her forehead is all wrinkly and she's got some KILLER fangs.

Yech. [ Thump. Faith lets him slump to the ground as she's wiping her mouth. ] You taste

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